Chris C. • Allen, TX
"Thank you so much for setting this up for me.  It was a wonderful experience and an awesome golf club.  The course has been ranked #4 in the USA for best resort courses and lived up to what it said.  The experience with the staff and the member that I played with was priceless.  I can't wait to play again and have another wonderful experience with the privilege being able to play at so many private courses. Thanks again."

Eric G • Huntersville, NC
"The course I played on Friday was recently redesigned to be longer and more difficult.  I played with four members about my age - a nice group of guys who were very gracious.  I played particularly well and shot 65.  The guys extended to me a standing invitation to play with them any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  Great fun."

Darrell H. • Whittier, California
"I'm writing to thank Reciprocal Golf for giving me the opportunity of a life time. The ability to play golf at many major private clubs nationwide is simply a dream come true. The staff was completely helpful scheduling my tee times. I urge anyone & everyone who loves the game of golf to join Reciprocal Golf.

Brian • Dyer, Indiana
“My partner and I are on a quest to play the 'Top 100 courses' in America, so I joined Reciprocal Golf to hopefully gain an advantage. So far, Reciprocal Golf is 'batting 1000!' We just played a private club in Kansas and thoroughly enjoyed the round. Their forecaddy helped with yardages, locating balls, raking sand traps, and reading putts. He was one terrific guy!"

Bradley B. • Millersburg, Pennsylvania
“I've been a member of a private country club in NY for over four years, and for four years I've asked my head professional if he could call and get my associate and me onto a private club in Florida. He was never successful in doing so. When I joined Reciprocal Golf, I gave the service personnel the challenge of getting us on that course. They were able to make our reservations for Thursday, accomplishing what no one was ever able to accomplish for me before. We had the best round of our lives!"

Bill S. • San Rafael, California
“I called Reciprocal Golf in mid December and asked them to set me up to play either of two very private clubs in Florida over the Christmas holidays, both if at all possible, even though it seemed too much to hope for. When they got me on both courses on December 26 and 27, I was pleasantly astounded. The service is truly 'for the golfer who has everything!' Private country club members who travel a lot and like to play should not be without this service."