With Reciprocal Golf, you can play private clubs when traveling


After more than 80 years of following an inefficient but time-honored procedure to play private country clubs on a reciprocal (guest) basis, the approximate 2.3 million (plus spouses) members of private country clubs now have the opportunity to bring reciprocal play into the 21st Century, into the age of cell phones and computers.

Reciprocal Golf, a Palm Springs, California, based company, has announced the introduction of its toll-free, 24/7 service now available to members of private country clubs nationwide, setting up reciprocal play for those members at hundreds of private country clubs across the country.

According to Pete Baumann, president of Reciprocal Golf, “We have taken a time-honored procedure, but not a very efficient one, and brought it into the 21st Century. Now playing other private clubs is as close as your cell phone, 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week.”

Baumann continues, “Private country club members for decades have had to ask their head professional if he could call another private club, and make reciprocal play arrangements for their member at that club.”

“Even if the member was at his home club, and standing right in front of his pro, there was no guarantee that the pro could drop what he was doing, look up the name and phone number of the other private club, and make a phone call. Even if he could, the other pro was usually not available 9 times out of 10, so the first pro would have to leave a message.”

“If the other pro received the message, and called back to the first pro, that pro was not available 9 times out of 10, so the second pro would have to leave a message. This “phone tag” would usually result in no reciprocal play being arranged for the member who originally made the request, and the original member was out of luck!”

“And if the original member was on a trip for business or pleasure? Forget it! What were his chances of reaching his head pro at home while he was driving or flying to another destination? Two chances, Slim and None! Now traveling golfers are as near as their cell phone to playing private country clubs in the next city or state! And we have recently opened up reciprocal play at private clubs overseas!”

“Let’s face it, club pros are busy, taking care of tournaments, giving lessons, conducting meetings, etc. They usually don’t have time to act as travel agents as well.”

“There are over 4,400 private country clubs in the United States,” says Baumann, “and over 1,700 of them list themselves in the national country club directories as welcoming members of other private country clubs (when the proper protocol is followed).”

“Many private clubs want the added income that outside reciprocal play brings in to the club, helping to keep their members’ monthly dues as low as possible,” says Baumann.

“For over 80 years the (system) has required one head pro at one club to call the head pro at another club, and make the arrangements. It was and still is a time-honored system, but in today’s world of computers and cellular telephones, things had to get more efficient eventually,” says Baumann. “We were and are the first company to offer something better to members of private country clubs. We are benefiting the private country club members as well as the private clubs that want and need the added income that outside reciprocal play brings in each year!”

Reciprocal Golf invites private country club members and the private clubs themselves to visit its website at www.reciprocalgolf.com, or call 800-481-1585. Members of private clubs may have access to playing private country clubs any time of the day or night by calling Reciprocal Golf’s confidential toll-free phone number and making their request.

Reciprocal Golf’s operators direct each request to the company’s resident pro who then gets on the phone and makes all of the arrangements.

The company provides its toll-free, 24/7 services to individuals and to entire private country clubs, so every member of the club may use the services.

“We increase the value of a private country club’s membership by adding our services to the benefits a private country club member already receives when he joins a club. At the same time we free up the head pro’s valuable time so he can concentrate on taking care of his members’ other needs, such as giving lessons and organizing tournaments,” says Mr. Baumann.

“Our website lists the private country clubs that honor reciprocal play by members of other private clubs. We provide a valuable and unique service to members of private clubs, and bring new income to the clubs that want the additional outside play,” adds Baumann.

“Once a golfer joins Reciprocal Golf, he or she will be given a special toll-free number to call to access our services, a number that only is given to members,” adds Baumann.

Reciprocal Golf donates a portion of its membership sales to Junior Golf, with emphasis on teaching kids The USGA Rules of Golf as well as golf etiquette.