Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of a private country club in order to join Reciprocal Golf?
Yes. If you are not already a member of a private club, contact us about a non-resident membership in one of our affiliate private clubs. They are available at a very attractive price, and they qualify you to then join Reciprocal Golf and use our services.

May I bring guests to a private club when I play?
Yes, you may normally bring at least two, sometimes three guests with you, depending upon the club.

I understand many private clubs do not accept payment from a visitor for green fees, cart, pro shop merchandise, food and beverage when they play from another club. How do I then pay, for myself and any guests I bring with me?
We make arrangements for you to sign for all charges when you visit another club, just like the local members.

How do I pay for my charges?
Reciprocal Golf pays the club directly. You authorize us to charge your credit card to cover green fees and other expenses.

How can I check on the guest rate I will be paying at a specific club I am thinking of playing in the future?
We provide both a special toll-free phone number you may call, and an email address you may contact, to request rates in advance.

How do I contact you to request to play a specific private course?
We provide a password-protected members-only area online to set up your play at that course.

How much advance notice do I need to give you when requesting to play a private club?
Private clubs are different from setting up play at public courses. We prefer that you give us at least two day's notice --- preferably three, but not more than five. Private clubs do not take advance reservations like public courses where you might have to call weeks in advance and give them a credit card number. You make all of your requests through our office.

Once I'm a member of Reciprocal Golf, may I call the private clubs directly to make my playing reservations?
Once you are a member, all reciprocal play reservations should be made through our office as outlined in the membership agreement.