Reciprocal Golf Problog by Peter Baumann

Speaking of Golf Radio Interview with Tom Horan

I was on the phone with Tom Horan early this morning, live, during his Speaking of Golf radio broadcast.
You can listen to the program at

After discussing what Reciprocal Golf's toll-free, 24/7 services were all about, I promised I would give Tom's listeners a 25% discount off our normal Business Traveler Sign-Up of $585.

I want to offer that same discount to everyone who contacts us from by the end of the day Sunday, December 20,2009.

Just mention "Tom Horan" and "Speaking of Golf" to receive the 25% discount code from our office. Please remember that we must receive your request by the end of the day Sunday, December 20. We look forward to serving your reciprocal play requests at private country clubs.

The Ultimate Network!

Two weeks after graduating from San Diego State, I went to my local golf course, Stardust, and joined two strangers, both potato farmers from Boise, ID. By the time we finished 18 holes, I had talked them (and two other potato farmers they called on the phone) into putting up $100,000 to buy stock in my first company, Intertel, Inc. We ended up manufacturing and selling worldwide the world's first cordless telephone, and the world's first "touch-pad dialer", allowing everyone in the world using rotary dial phones (81% of the USA, and 100% of the countries outside the USA) to convert to a push-button phone! The dialer sent electronic pulses out over the phone line, and was used for decades before “tone” dialing was available.

That was my first of many success stories that were started on the golf course. Golf is a great way to meet likeminded people, to make friends and forge business relationships. That is the main reason I started Reciprocal Golf, giving members the ultimate opportunity to network. We make it easy for golfers to play private country clubs while traveling, without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to join each private club.

Golf teaches us all honesty, integrity, perseverance, patience, and other life lessons. You can find out more about a stranger in four hours, during 18 holes, than you can learn in six months over a conference table. Know the rules of golf, and play by the rules, and everyone you meet and play with will know you are to be trusted, on the golf course and in business.

What is your favorite story about meeting someone on a golf course, becoming friends, and doing business together? I'd like to hear your success story.


Where and how to play golf during the off season

Where do you play golf during the winter months, when your club closes due to snow? Do you just hang up your clubs for four months, or do you travel south to play? And if you travel south, do you play public golf courses or private clubs? And did you know that quite often it is possible to play private clubs for a lot less than it costs to play public courses during their "peak" season?

If you are a member of a private country club, you probably know you may play other private courses when you travel, providing you can reach your own head pro at home to call the private club you want to play, and have him set up what is known in the industry as reciprocal play. But if your home club is closed during the winter, how can you reach your head pro and ask him to set up your play down south?

If you are a member of Reciprocal Golf, all you have to do is call our toll-free phone number, 24/7/365 and make your request! And, while most public courses raise their green fees substantially during their peak season, most private clubs have a consistent guest rate year-round.

We've all heard the phrase, "You can work hard, or you can work smart." At Reciprocal Golf, our pro is always in. Since February of 2003, we have provided round the clock concierge services to our members, setting up their reciprocal play worldwide.

Some of the testimonials we have received from our members are amazing, and remarkable considering this tough economy. And as far as networking is concerned, whether personal or business, there is no better place to meet new friends and future business associates than on a private country club, playing with members of the club!

Let us hear from you regarding your own success story of networking on a private golf course.