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Will Tiger and Elin remain married?

The rumors surrounding Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, seem to imply that their marriage is over. When Tiger returned to the PGA Tour last week and the Masters, the year's first major, Elin was not present.

Since last November, when reports of his infidelity became public knowledge, Tiger has been busy trying to show his wife that he has changed, and is seeking help. But in my opinion, many viewers at the Masters showed me body language that indicated they felt Tiger did not deserve to be there.

Many in the crowd seemed to indicate from their reactions to some of Tiger's shots that he should have taken care of his marriage before returning to competition.

So what does the future hold for Tiger's and Elin's marriage? It has been reported over the internet that Elin has been talking to her attorney about filing for divorce, and is just calculating when will be the best time to announce her decision to file.

Do you think she will file, or do you think they have a chance to stay together?
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Just one more comment, in Tiger's defense.

For years, Tiger has reaped the financial rewards of his family-friendly image, in the form of sponsorships, but so has the golf business in general. Every pro on the PGA tour is now making more money, because Tiger's rise to fame brought increased audience attendance. And, now, they're turning on him.

After news of the affair broke, Tiger's long-time friend Jesper Parnevik said he "probably thought [Tiger] was a better guy than he is." Charles Warren, a six-year veteran of the PGA Tour, hinted that Elin Woods might have known about Tiger's extramarital affairs all along. "She's no fool." He said she probably "turned a blind eye because of the money and the kids and the lifestyle he provides." Ben Crane, who has two wins on the PGA Tour, said "This is no surprise to anyone who knows Tiger. He's a phony and a fake, and he can't retain that squeaky-clean endorsement deal any longer."

It seems to me that jealousy could be at play here. If it's true that these fellow pros new about Tiger's indiscretions, why didn't they say anything about it until now? I'll tell you why: money. They knew that Tiger's image was helping THEM make money. Like I said, their pay is higher since he rose to super-stardom and ushered in the most lucrative era in golf history.

Let's not forget that we're talking about a man's personal life. We all sympatize with his family, but it does not help to put them all in the spot light, especially if the press further degrades Tiger's reputation. In the long term, if fans stop watching the tournaments, this could mean less pay for all PGA pros. Let's not take one family's personal tragedy and turn it into a catastrophy for the golf industry.

Now that I've spoken my mind, I promise not to blog about Tiger again for a while. Let's hope next time he's in the news it's because he's back on a winning streak. After all, he still has a family support.

What caused Tiger's Marriage problems?

I hate to continue dwelling on Tiger Woods' personal life, but he and Elin need professional help with their personal lives. Once the press gets ahold on a famous sports figure, they don't let up.

In Tiger's defense, I have "been there, done that!" I'm not famous, of course. I'm just a "+2" handicap father who had thoughts of giving the Senior PGA Tour a try, but I decided to raise two fantastic sons instead. Their mother and I divorced, because she critiqued my business endeavors so frequently that I felt as if I didn't have her support. I remember taking Dale Carnegie's sales class in college, where he argued that if a woman insists that a man put his wife ahead of his career, it usually ends in divorce. On the other hand, if she supports her husband, he will put her on a pedestal.

If Elin has put pressure on Tiger by insisting he cut back on his businesses to be with her, some of the blame for their problems could be placed on her. That would explain Tiger's strange absense from so many tournaments during the weeks preceding the late-night car crash.

What is your opinion? What do you think caused Tiger and Elin's marriage problems? Is Tiger just a plain old cheat or does it take two to keep a marriage strong?
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Tiger and Elin in the news again, not due to golf

Tiger is in the news again, after another 911 call, this time because Elin's mother had to be rushed to the hospital from his home in the middle of the night.

When Tiger and Elin fought at their home over a week ago, why did it take the press over 12 hours to report it? I believe it was because the press has known for years about Tiger's other women, but the media "in the know" protects him so they can remain within his inner circle.

It took over twelve hours for a reporter who was not "in the know" to learn about the 2:25 A.M. fight at their home outside Orlando, and then report the story.

The public is now outraged. To be honest, any man who is famous is hit on by women who want the spotlight, fame, and money from being with him, or around him. If Tiger were not married, he'd be well within his rights to have many women friends. But as a married man, he does not have that option. Especially if he has made hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements from his public image.

What do you think about my assessment of the media in this case? Do you think they have known for years about his other women, or do you think they were as surprised as the public to learn about the other women eleven days ago?