Play more private clubs
You will find it easy to play private country clubs at home and while traveling, instead of having to play public courses.

Ease of service
A private members-only area is available 24/7 whenever you desire to play a private country club. Our service will go to work immediately, arranging and enabling your requested play.

Enhance your golf enjoyment
Experience new terrain and enjoy different scenery, face new challenges, expand your skills, and make new acquaintances.

How it works
Members of private country clubs are entitled to play over 2000 private courses nationwide due to an arrangement between clubs called reciprocity. In the past, this procedure only worked when a PGA pro at a private club arranged reciprocal play on behalf of a member. If a pro was unavailable, arranging play at private clubs was not a possibility. Our Company, Reciprocal Golf, is uniquely positioned to solve this problem by enabling private country club members to take full advantage of their privileges.

Our list of private country clubs that reciprocate with other private clubs is updated monthly, and is only available to Reciprocal Golf members, at the insistence of the general managers at those clubs. (IRS rules do not allow private country clubs to make the availability of their courses known to the public.) The typical guest rate to play most private clubs runs between $50 and $100 each player, including guests you may bring with you. Some of the bigger name clubs, such as clubs that host U.S. Opens or other PGA Tour Events may cost more, up to $250 or more.

Unlike playing public courses where you may reserve tee times weeks or months in advance using a credit card, private clubs usually will only commit to a reciprocal guest play time two to four days in advance, as your head professional will be aware of and will comply with when you request play at another private club. Private clubs are first and foremost responsible to their own members, and usually reserve weekend mornings for their own members only. Visiting reciprocal players usually are limited to playing in the afternoon on weekends. Playing on Ladies’ Day and Men’s Day is usually after around 10:30 A.M. on those days. Many private clubs are closed on Mondays, so play may not be available on those days. The head pro is the only person who can call the head pro at another club and request reciprocal play for his member. Members should never call directly to a private club and request play.

While some Reciprocal Golf members use our services to bring their own two to three personal friends every week to a new private club to play, most members use our services as we originally intended; to allow our members to network with very successful members of other private clubs by meeting during a round of golf, becoming friends, and sharing business opportunities together in the future.